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What Is The NCCA? What Does F4 Stand For?



What Is The NCCA? 

The NCCA is the National Custom Car Association. A world-wide, sanctioning body for car shows founded in 1999. The NCCA unites individual car shows by incorporating them into a national, traveling circuit of events complete with a global points chase as well as standardized rules and guidelines for every show.  

All vehicles that enter any of our sanctioned shows will be critiqued based on the four “F’s” of vehicle customization: 

Fabrication, Fitment, Form and Function

What Does F4 Stand For?

Fabrication: Creating customized parts from raw materials.

One of the key components of our program is the extent of fabrication in your build. Are there a lot of custom parts that were fabricated from scratch? Does your car have bolt-ons that have been modified for better fitment or performance?

Fabrication isn’t limited to just welding or metal work, it can also include (but certainly isn’t limited to) fiberglassing. When it comes to anything that’s been fabricated for your car, judges are looking for quality craftsmanship, outstanding fitment, and how the parts flow with the overall theme of the vehicle.  

Fitment: How well each modification was installed on your car.

For our judges, quality of fitment is key to their view points. They’ve been trained to study and critique the fitment of both aftermarket and fabricated parts...even the re-installation of stock parts! Remember, it’s not about the quantity of products you install, fabricate, or bolt on to your ride. The key is the quality of installation and fitment. The better the fitment, the more likely that your vehicle will be set apart from the competition.  

Form: The overall flow of your modified vehicle.

In addition to studying a vehicle's fabrication and fitment, judges will look at the bigger picture: How you’ve modified your car as a whole and how well it all flows together.  Do your modifications made follow a theme?  Do the alterations flow through various critical segments of the vehicle. To be clear, this is not about quantity, but quality and execution. The modifications you make to your vehicle should serve a purpose, not just be “thrown on.” 

Function: How the vehicle drives and performs.

How a vehicle should function based on the modifications you’ve made will strongly effect how it’s critiqued. Judges will evaluate each modification you’ve made to your car and whether or not it’s functional based on the theme of the build. Modifications should enhance the vehicles factory offerings they should not impede on its operating ability.   Make sure that you’re always keeping functionality in mind. 

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East Coast Indoor Nationals 2018

East Coast Indoor Nationals 2018