A message from NCCA'S founder


The American dream has always been based on individual accomplishments. Since our nation's birth we have been driven by individual creativity and ingenuity. Those who have challenged conformity to showcase their ability and say, "yes, I can do that".

Those of us who consider ourselves, “automotive enthusiasts,” have watched as some of our industries automotive publications disappeared from bookshelves as well as some of our favorite brands; while others kicked and crawled to stay alive though difficult economic times. With all the economic instability during the last decade, one thing has remained the same and that is car guys (and gals) are here to stay. Sure, things might be a little tighter in the wallet these days, but no matter what life brings; once you have been bitten by the customizing bug, you’re hooked for life.

The NCCA allowed participants to share their ideas and comradery, while simultaneously being recognized and rewarded for their love of the automotive industry. As NCCA's founder I believe it is now time to resurrect the National Custom Car Association. During the previous decade the automotive customizing scene had contracted due to economic hardships. Having identified a need to develop the marketing and hosting of motorsports and collector activities, I was never away from the customization scene. With the advent of a stronger economy and disposable income, people can once again enjoy the freedom of expression for their cherished automobiles. 

The NCCA will re-institute a national showcasing program that offers a single point chase system and ranking system which recognizes individual accomplishment. The new ranking system allows a mildly modified vehicle to be competitive with a highly modified vehicle. This new program eliminates the quantity of parts concern on a car but instead addresses how well the parts benefit the vehicle to create a masterpiece. It no longer requires competitors to win by spending the most, but instead by how well the pieces installed compliment their car. 

The NCCA is dedicated to developing the competitive and innovative side of the automotive marketplace. Our mission is to give recognition to young and old, regardless of expertise. The NCCA will strive to deliver an opportunity for competitors to chase your way to the top, a chance to see what you and your ride are capable of, and a chance to say, I built the most competitive ride in the circuit. 

From all of us here at NCCA “Keep on Showing


Andy Goodman

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Fully Customized 2007 Ford Mustang GT

Fully Customized 2007 Ford Mustang GT