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 Similarity is a trait of mass production. Automakers can produce thousands upon thousands of exact copies of the same make and model automobile in the same color with the same equipment. In this stereotypical, carbon-copy society, it’s really no wonder why many people want to make their rides as individual as they are. Customizing makes your ride something special, something out of the ordinary, unlike all the other cookie-cutter copies. Customizing let’s you make your ride unique. 

People might call us crazy car junkies, grease monkeys or ego chasers, but those who are not hobbyists will never understand. Cars to us are just big toys. We like to play with them, make them look better, perform better, drive better, and sound better. A stock car is the best starting point, however, there is lots of room for improvement in all areas.

Variety is indeed the spice of life, and everyone has a different idea of what’s cool and what’s not. What you do with your ride will reflect your personal tastes, ideas and preferences to make it an individual expression of you. If you take two identical vehicles and let two people each customize them, you’d be amazed at how different the end results would be, but that’s what makes the world go around. What is it that rings your bells? Without a doubt, you have your favorites when it comes to vehicle makes and models, but where does it go from there? Maybe it’s a unique paint job, perhaps some extremely cambered wheels, or it could be some functional aerodynamic body parts. How about racing wheels with big eight piston brakes showing through them? How about a super-tuned engine under the hood with a turbo for extra punch? It’s all up to you to decide and define what is cool when it comes to designing and improving your ride. It is your choice as to how far you want to go with the customizing, what areas of the vehicle you’ll be working on and which ones will remain basically untouched, and whether you want to go mild, wild or someplace in between the two extremes.


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Fresh off of the assembly line, new cars sit ready to head out to dealerships around the world.

Fresh off of the assembly line, new cars sit ready to head out to dealerships around the world.