Critiquing a build

I.C.E. (In Car Entertainment)


The NCCA is a performance-based competition; audio and video systems do not play a critical part to the judges but are reviewed and paid attention to. We are not saying to skip this part of the build as good tune are imperative in any ride; however, upgrades do not need to be extensive. Upgrading your factory deck with an aftermarket deck is a great way to start. Upgrading your factory paper speakers to independently crossovered components is also a great addition. If you decide to add amplifiers and subwoofers, go for it. Just remember to make sure your system fits the theme of your car and does not take away form or functionally from your ride.


Product uniqueness is also important in this area of your build as in many others. Quantity of product does not guarantee you a win, but rather you should be on the look out for some rare top of the line products that your contenders don’t have. A JDM or EDM builder may consider bringing in components from over seas that are not sold state side that would match their vehicles theme.

Now remember the installation quality is what the judges are going to scrutinize, if the fit and finish shows wear and tear as in stress, cracks, scratches, chips, any sort of imperfection your score will be affected. Also, if you intend to paint an interior enclosure make sure any, waves, swirls, or rough spots get taken care of. Always be sure to check for any defects and impurities which can cause a quality deduction. Also, important to the audio and video system is ergonomics. For instance, if you include a gaming system or DVD player in your vehicle you want to make sure you are able to fit these in the cabin of your vehicle you do not want them in your trunk as every time to want to change a DVD or game you have to pull over, park your car, get out, pop the truck and make the swap. That will take to much time, why not get an in-dash DVD or how about incorporating a gaming system in the center console or under a seat? Ergonomics also goes for placement of products. Competitors are putting laptops computer in their rides, now seriously it does not take a genius to buy a flat panel goose neck and rest a laptop on top, be creative. How about incorporating it into the vehicle; maybe make a motorized storage unit under the seat that can hold the laptop or what about having a computer capable monitor permanently mounted in your vehicle but having a wireless keyboard and mouse to control functions?

Electrical system modification not related to your audio and or video system will also be evaluated.  Modifications such as wire harness, chassis wiring harness, interior harness, battery relocation, wire gauge upgrades and for the extreme builder wire tucks will be inspected. 

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Joe Caldwell's 1958 Plymouth Christine.  Photo by John Machaqueiro

Joe Caldwell's 1958 Plymouth Christine. Photo by John Machaqueiro