Guide to Success

Code of Conduct


 NCCA is committed to the safety and security of all event exhibitors who participate within a sanctioned event. The respect and safeguarding of your personal property is of utmost concern to us and the various events we sanction. In this day and age, merely having a Code of Ethics is not enough to reduce inappropriate behaviors. We’ve therefore created a Code of Conduct, which we urge you to familiarize yourself with. With this in place, NCCA reserves the right to remove and potentially ban anyone who violates one or more of these codes. 

Standards of Behavior - All vehicle exhibitors are expected to: 

  • Respect and comply with event staff 
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity while participating within an event
  • Obey civil and municipal regulations set forth within the city and township the event is taking place
  • Respect the rights of others, and treat one another with dignity and respect at all times
  • Show proper care and regard to the venue, production company assets and the property of others 
  • Should a situation arise - take appropriate measures to help those in need

Inappropriate behavior includes but may not be limited to; and will result in removal from NCCA points chase

  • Breaking any federal, provincial, state or municipal laws; 
  • Violent or bullying behavior of any kind
  • Making derogatory or hateful comments toward an individual or group of people 
  • Threatening to damage or destroy an individual or group of people's property
  • Using language that is violent, profane or discriminatory

Protective measures -  No one, under any circumstance, shall bring any firearm, knife, or implement to any of our sanctioned events that could cause or result in bodily harm without the written approval of the event production team. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the NCCA points chase. 

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