critiquing a build



Judges will be checking your braking system upgrades to see if you upgraded your calipers, rotors, brakes lines, brake pads and master cylinder. Judges will also take notice if you are running a two piston, four piston, six piston or even higher piston caliper. They will notice what size rotors you are running, and if they are just stock replacement rotors or if they have been upgraded. Judges will also take into consideration if you are running a cross drilled rotor, a slotted rotor, or a cross drilled and slotted rotor. Conversions from drum-to-disc or from a stock caliper to a larger or aftermarket caliper will all receive credit. Bigger brakes and more extensive modifications will receive more credit. If you have a certain vehicle for which rear brakes aren’t readily available and you have custom brackets made extra credit will be rewarded. Some extreme brake systems may include racing pedals master cylinder deletion and or twin caliper set ups.

All aspects of the suspension will be examined by the judges, strut and spring assembly, sway bars, bushings, control arms are just a few of the components they will examine.  Coilovers will be rewarded more than a spring-strut replacement, and a fully-adjustable suspension will be rewarded more than Coilovers.  Air suspension will be analyzed on a situational basis, as some air suspension systems are more aggressive than some coilover assemblies. When judges are analyzing air suspensions this will include reviewing all lines and tanks and how you chose to lay the system in your vehicle.  Once again, rarity of product will be considered, with imported suspension or custom spring rates receiving more credit than their off-the-shelf counterparts. Your suspension doesn’t have to end with Coilovers and sway bars. Take into consideration moving your shock towers and building custom control arms. If you can custom fabricate something to your suspension that is unique and different you will be rewarded more credit, then drop in replacement parts. Make sure to explain to the judges what you have done and the reason that you went that route, again back up data such as build pictures are great if possible as validation to your hard work.  

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