Guide to Success

Balance Is Key


Being an automotive enthusiast is not the easiest thing; some will tell you that it can be quite difficult. This automotive hobby can and will be very time consuming, expensive and can become extremely addicting. It is crucial to remember that this is a hobby and you need to keep your priorities in check. Do you remember when you had to decide between buying a part for your car and paying your rent or mortgage? If you are thinking about building a project, these types of decisions will come up throughout the build. We have all been in these types of situations and some people will give in and buy the part that they have been craving, while others will make the decision to pay their rent. 

How about those of you who love to use the plastic, you know your credit cards? There are many times when builders decided to put several thousands of dollars on their credit cards. Is that the right decision? It all depends on who you ask, as each person’s situation varies. Some people are on a tight deadline, while others have more time and freedom to build their car on their own time schedule.

Before you get discouraged or feel overwhelmed with your build, just remember that this industry commends, recognizes, and respects your efforts. It doesn’t matter whether your accomplishments are small or large, make sure you have fun, enjoy this hobby and strive to be a successful part of this industry.

Satisfaction and having fun are two key ingredients to enjoying this addictive automotive hobby. Even though we are never completely satisfied with our projects, as there is always something else that needs to get done, remember to enjoy the building process and seeing your car progress through its stages. The day that your car is totally complete and maxed out with modification will never come; there will always be another modification to be made or something to be swapped out. This is just human nature and the modification bug is never satisfied. It doesn’t matter if you are on your first project or your twenty-fifth if you are addicted to building and modifying your car, you will always be thinking of new and innovative ways to change and add to your ride to take it to the next level. 

For the more seasoned veteran builders they might get tired of redoing their current projects, and instead of investing more into the already completed project, they might just opt to sell them to recoup some of their funds and then begin the process all over again. This process can become extremely costly, and unless you are doing this as part of your occupation or enjoy the thrill or building and selling your cars, this is not something that we recommend becoming part of your routine. 

Not only does this hobby put a financial burden and strain on your personal life, but it can also affect your business life and other aspects of your life too. The countless nights that you spend at the shop or busting away in your garage will not only take a toll on you, but also on your family. Is completing your car quickly worth the burden of having your family eating dinner alone or your wife going to be by herself? As mentioned this type of behavior cannot only affect your personal life, but also your professional career. If you take a day or two off to work on your car or head out to a competition, make sure that you do it in the correct manor. Do not call in sick the day you are leaving or make up an excuse. Let your boss know the situation and be upfront with him or her.

No matter how long you have been involved in the automotive industry, everyone goes through these situations, and if you are not careful a certain situation might be too much to overcome. If you don’t believe that it can happen to you, here is a true story that was shared by a fellow competitor. A few years ago, a well-known customizer decided to choose to showcase his car at an event, rather than attending his sister-in-laws wedding. Choosing his car over family wasn’t the brightest move, as a few months later his own marriage was over. Another customizer in Florida told us that his boss would not let him off work on the Friday before a show for roll-in, so he told his boss that he quit. Now is that dedication or stupidity? Once again it all depends on who you ask and what situation they are in. No matter what situation you are in or how dedicated you are to this hobby, in the end it is just that; a hobby. No car will be built over night, and for most of us our cars will never be finished. Building your ride, the right way can take many years, before it reaches the point where you are satisfied and ready to compete on a serious level. Remember to balance yourself and enjoy what you are doing. We are all extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to build and play with cars, and to enjoy our hobby, and we should all take advantage of what we have been given. 


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