Building for Competition

about the national custom car association


The Enthusiast

 En·thu·si·ast (noun): a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.

We are the lovers of all things automotive. When the “Mod Bug” bites, we’re “infected” for life. Even with industry publications disappearing at what seems like a daily rate and economic instability that’s been occurring for the last decade, the enthusiast is still here...and here to stay. 



 Na·tion·al - Cus·tom - Car - As·so·ci·a·tion (noun): Was a sanctioned car show judging platform, founded in 1999. The first of its kind in the modern automotive segment , with standardized rules, competition guidelines, and a global point chase all built into it.  

Abbreviated as NCCA, the National Custom Car Association is returning to help the next generation automotive enthusiasts understand what it takes to build a competitive show vehicle.


FREE Informational Portal

The NCCA guide is an informational portal FREE to those enthusiasts who enjoy competing at car shows.  It will be a great guide to help prepare for competition.