Building for Competition


Building for Competition

about the national custom car association


The Enthusiast

 En·thu·si·ast (noun): a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.

We are the lovers of all things automotive. When the “Mod Bug” bites, we’re “infected” for life. Even with industry publications disappearing at what seems like a daily rate and economic instability that’s been occurring for the last decade, the enthusiast is still here...and here to stay. 



 Na·tion·al - Cus·tom - Car - As·so·ci·a·tion (noun): Is a sanctioned car show platform originally founded in 1999. The first of its kind in the modern automotive segment , with standardized competition guidelines, and a point chase all built into and creating a traveling tour.

Abbreviated as NCCA, the National Custom Car Association is returning to help  automotive enthusiasts understand what it takes to build a competitive show vehicle and to deliver a new points chase program that will encourage builders to travel outside of their local area.


FREE Informational Portal

The NCCA guide is an informational portal, FREE to those enthusiasts who enjoy competing at car shows.  It will be a great guide to help prepare for competition, but come 2021 the points chase is on.