Building for Competition

about the national custom car association


The Enthusiast

 En·thu·si·ast (noun): a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.

We are the lovers of all things automotive. The Mod Bug bites once and, after that, we’re infected for life. With industry publications disappearing at what seems like a daily rate and economic instability that has spanned the last decade, it’s more important than ever that The Enthusiast still exists. 



 The National Custom Car Assocaition

Na·tion·al - Cus·tom - Car - As·so·ci·a·tion (noun): A sanctioned car show judging platform, founded in 1999. It is the first of its kind - comprised of standardized rules, competition guidelines, and a global points chase all built in.

Abbreviation: N.C.C.A. 

The N.C.C.A takes existing one-off and touring car shows and adds them to a points-based, national traveling circuit. Competitors are now not only competing for an individual show award but also national touring recognition.


The Guide To Success

Guide (noun): A person or thing (I.e., a book) that advises or shows the way for others.

Suc·cess (noun): The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

The N.C.C.A.’s FREE "Guide to Success" offers a step-by-step approach to building a competitive show car. The Goal: To help you build a quality vehicle that competes against the best of the best wherever you show your car!